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Fall Fashion

Next up this week might be one of my favorites.. FALL FASHION! If you live somewhere where you're actually able to get fall temperatures to enjoy the layers, sweaters, scarves, and booties-- I envy you. I'll be dressing for the season too but sweating my booty off! ๐Ÿ˜‚

I always keep staple pieces of clothes in my closet. Solid color T Shirt, a good pair of leggings, and combat boots. These links will send you to my favorite Amazon leggings and basic t's!

Now on to the fall trends..

If you don't want to get an entire new wardrobe, I don't blame you. Let's be real. It's 2020 and times are tough! Here are the few items to upgrade your average outfit into your Insta perfect outfit.

The denim jacket:

The chunky cardigan:


Boyfriend Sweater:

Make sure you head over to my Instagram story where I'll be posting fall finds all week!

Happy Fall!


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