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Airport Days

Let’s talk travel. It’s not easy being gluten free and traveling all day through airports. If you’re new around here in addition to having Celiac Disease and Chronic Pancreatitis, I also choose to not eat out anymore. I feel healthier since making my own food so I’m not willing to stray from it even when it’s inconvenient. It takes some preparation but to feel good is 100% worth it. Not knocking airport food or eating out but if you’re looking to travel healthier—I’m your girl!

· Side note: I will still get coffee while I’m out! If you’re gluten free just make sure the syrups are safe!

I found a set of plastic containers at Target for under $3.00. Easily stackable so your bag can stay organized. Make sure you have a Ziplock bag of plastic utensils, napkins and some wet wipes too!

A look inside my food bag

- Sandwich

Canyon Bakery GF bread, Turkey, Cheese, Smashed Avocado

*TIP- Toast the bread! It tastes so much better*

- Toasted Almonds with Cinnamon Sugar

I took plain Almonds from Trader Joe’s and put them in a frying pan. Drizzle a little Olive Oil just enough to coat them. Next, I sprinkled Cinnamon Sugar over them, tossed them, and let it sit on Medium Heat for about 20 minutes. Easy enough right? And so yummy! Made the house smell awesome too.

- Purely Elizabeth Maple Almond Butter Granola

I took about 2 cups and put it in one of the plastic containers. It was easier to put it in there so it stacked in my bag

- BoBo’s Granola Bar.

I am seriously obsessed with these! They have so many flavors but my favorite is the Original with Chocolate Chips.


Typically, I feel like crap after I travel. I dreaded travel days and this is has helped me SO MUCH! If you’re a Liquid IV lover like myself message me for a discount code!

I definitely didn’t eat everything but I had peace of mind knowing I had options. The security guy checking my bag even commented that my food looked great! Peace of mind with travel is hard enough these days with the very real threat of Covid but your food doesn’t have to add to it.

Wherever you’re headed next, travel safe and enjoy!


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